Mobile camera masts and secrurity cameras from ISEEYOU

Mobile camera masts and security cameras from ISEEYOU

Mobile Camera Masts

Mobile camera masts to secure any construction site, vacant property, parking lot, outdoor storage area, area in the agricultural sector, and so on. We can easily and quickly place one of ISEEYOU's flexible mobile camera masts on any site


We have eyes everywhere. Our mobile camera masts can be used anywhere, even if there is no 230V available, thanks to our self-developed Smart Generator. Including green label, of course.


Our camera solutions record 24/7, up to a maximum of 28 days. After that, they automatically overwrite the images at the back.


Blurry images are no good to you. Our camera systems deliver razor-sharp, full-HD image quality, giving razor-sharp images. With our PTZ cameras, you can zoom in up to 300 meters, and sharp yes!


Fully compliant with the rules of the WPBR, all our camera solutions are linked to an official Private Alarm Center.

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Want to hire ISEEYOU to secure an area? Request an offer without obligation. In order to meet the needs of all our customers, we map out the security requirements for each customer in order to provide a suitable ISEEYOU solution.

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ISEEYOU offers mobile camera masts that can be placed flexibly, easily and quickly at any location to be secured.